The Girl in the Peach Tree ~ Book 1

What happens when Love, Friendship and Self-Discovery are hijacked by Secrecy, Deceit, and Betrayal?

Find out as you join Maya Wells and her new friends on their journey to Portugal.

The Girl in the Peach Tree is a story about a young woman who finds the courage to say no to one life and yes to the one she always dreamed of. 

An unexpected opportunity offers Maya the chance to take a leap of faith into a world of heart-felt friendships, food, passion, jealousy, love and laughter but friendships aren’t always what they seem and love? Well… it can take your breath away or break you in half.

Join Maya as she boldly steps into a new life, but is unexpectedly knocked off her feet by deceit and betrayal. What will she do? Does she have the courage to fight back? What would you do if someone tried to steal your new found joy away from you?

ISBN 978-1-988348-09-4 (paperback)
ISBN 978-1-988348-08-7 (html)
ISBN 978-1-988348-06-3 (hardcover)

Published in 2016

Barefoot in the Dirt ~ Book 2

Serendipity offers Maya Wells and Cristiano Lazaro a chance at love, but betrayal and grief drives them apart. The only question is: what will bring them back together?

When Cristiano sees Maya in the arms of another man, he runs from his pain hoping to bury the anger and confusion by putting thousands of miles between them. To have the future he wants though, he has to face his past and deal with the death of his parents … no matter where it takes him—even back to Cairo.

No longer an adventurer in waiting, Maya Wells embraces the warrior within… almost. Cristiano has disappeared, Netuno is in jeopardy of a hostile takeover and Maya has mysteriously lost her voice. She can either give in or step up. Choosing to fight, Maya goes on her own mission to find Cristiano. She soon realizes she’s not only battling for love but against an enemy who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Barefoot in the Dirt is the second exciting book in Michelle Oucharek-Deo’s contemporary romance Trilogy. If love, adventure, and passion are what you are looking for then this book is sure to take you on a memorable journey.

So, kick off your socks and shoes! Stand in the dirt and believe that taking your own path is not just possible, but necessary!

Inside the Wind ~ Book 3

Book Three in The Vinho Verde Trilogy to be released in February 2021