Barefoot in the Dirt – Expected in 2019!

Barefoot in the Dirt invites readers to join Maya and her friends as they struggle together to save Netuno from falling into the hands of the Axeline Corporation. But Maya’s concern for Cristiano eventually drives her to make a choice which ignites a firestorm of unintended consequences.

When she learns Cristiano is on his way to meet his biological family, Maya drops everything, hoping she can catch him and bring him home. Unfortunately, she misses him and must continue her search. Landing in Paris alone and feeling discouraged she meets an unlikely travel partner who offers to help her find Cristiano. Their sleuthing takes them off the continent where a new truth is revealed, and Maya and Cristiano come face to face with his past and their future.

After a harrowing experience and a narrow escape, they find themselves back in Europe where love, passion, and old-fashioned romance take hold of their story—but only for a moment.

The Girl in the Peach Tree

What happens when Love, Friendship and Self-Discovery are hijacked by Secrecy, Deceit, and Betrayal?

Find out as you join Maya Wells and her new friends on their journey to Portugal.

the girl in the peach tree cover

The Girl in the Peach Tree is a story about everyday people who are faced with impossible situations, but somehow find a way to survive.

Maya Wells grew up in an emotional fog and only after cancelling her wedding the night before the ceremony did things being to change for her.

An unexpected opportunity offered Maya the chance to take a leap of faith into a world of heart-felt friendships, food, passion, jealousy, love, laughter and most of all, a chance to become more than just the girl in the peach tree. But Friendships aren’t always what they seem and Love? Well… it can take your breath away or help you breathe for the very first time.

Join Maya and as she breaks free, and begins to create a new life, but is knocked off her feet by deceit and betrayal. What will she do? Does she have the courage to fight back? What would you do?

Published in 2016