The Vinho Verde Trilogy: Book 2

Barefoot in the Dirt

Serendipity offers Maya Wells and Cristiano Lazaro a chance at love, but betrayal and grief drives them apart. The only question is: what will bring them back together?

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An inner journey to outward destinations

A deceptively easy read, with layers of psychological material paying homage to grief, friendship, family roots, betrayal, and personal growth. There is something for everyone, from young adults to seniors, and half the fun is casting, in one’s mind’s eye, the movie franchise which would be based on this story and it’s inevitable sequels. Bite into this sweet fruit and taste the sun, food and life therein.

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Michelle Oucharek-Deo

Michelle Oucharek-Deo was born in British Columbia, Canada and continues to reside in BC with her family. In addition to being an author Michelle is a Registered Art Therapist and has been practising in the field of counselling for over two decades. She is a dedicated gardener and is always looking for ways to add a little color into her life and her writing.