The Vinho Verde Trilogy is a crisp and surprising series which will leave your heart racing and imagination teetering on the edge between love and betrayal. Touched with magic, romance and courage there is something for everyone in this trilogy as facing one’s deepest fears, fighting for love and grabbing hold of the future becomes the order of the day. Take a chance … and pour yourself a new adventure with The Vinho Verde Trilogy.

The Girl in the Peach Tree ~ Book 1      (Buy Here)

The Girl in the Peach Tree

Maya Wells is an adventurer in waiting and when she cancels her wedding and jumps on a plane to a vineyard in Portugal she has no idea how much her life is about to change. All it takes is the unexpected friendship of an American journalist, the soft inviting accent of a Portuguese flight attendant, and a beautiful, toxic, viper to turn Maya’s first adventure upside down before it even begins.

If you like a story filled with genuine emotion, a search for personal truth and a touch of magical charm then you’ll love how this tale of food, wine, friends and passion comes together with just a dash of secrets and betrayal.

Barefoot in the Dirt ~ Book 2      (Buy Here)

Barefoot in the Dirt 

Serendipity offers Maya Wells a chance at love and a new life, but betrayal and grief drives threatens to tear it apart. The only question is: what is she willing to do to keep it together?

 If love, adventure, and passion are what you are looking for then this book is sure to take you on a memorable journey. So, kick off your socks and shoes! Stand in the dirt and believe that taking your own path is not just possible, but necessary!



Inside the Wind ~ Book 3 (SPRING 2022)

The first draft will be done June 2021!

Only 7 weeks until the Cover Release for Inside the Wind. July 2021!

Inside the Wind to be released in the Spring of 2022. So excited to share this final book in the trilogy with you.