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Contact Michelle for a virtual visit via Zoom with your book club. To book a date please email . The book club host will receive a signed copy of Michelle’s book as well as special bookmarks for all the members of the club.

The Girl in the Peach Tree

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  1. Would you recommend this book as a travel novel or a cozy up on the couch book?
  2. Was the story more character or plot driven for you?
  3. What character did you most identify with?
  4. What did you think of Maya’s parent’s reaction when she cancelled the wedding?
  5. What quote or scene stuck with you after completing the novel?
  6. If you could be transported to a specific scene in the novel where would you like to land? Would you like to be an observer or a character in that scene?
  7. Do you think the book would make a better movie or a TV mini series?
  8. If you could play one of the characters on the big screen who would it be?
  9. Why do you think Jade hated Maya so much?
  10. Did the author strike a good balance between romance and personal struggle?

Michelle visiting book clubs.

Barefoot in the Dirt

Book club questions coming soon.