Wine, Love, and Friendship: Book 2

Barefoot in the Dirt

Serendipity offers Maya Wells and Cristiano Lazaro a chance at love, but betrayal and grief drives them apart. The only question is: what will bring them back together?

When Cristiano sees Maya in the arms of another man, he runs from his pain hoping to bury the anger and confusion by putting thousands of miles between them. To have the future he wants though, he has to face his past and deal with the death of his parents … no matter where it takes him—even back to Cairo.

No longer an adventurer in waiting, Maya Wells embraces the warrior within… almost. Cristiano has disappeared, Netuno is in jeopardy of a hostile takeover and Maya has mysteriously lost her voice. She can either give in or step up. Choosing to fight, Maya goes on her own mission to find Cristiano. She soon realizes she’s not only battling for love but against an enemy who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Barefoot in the Dirt is the second exciting book in Michelle Oucharek-Deo’s contemporary romance Trilogy. If love, adventure, and passion are what you are looking for then this book is sure to take you on a memorable journey.

So, kick off your socks and shoes! Stand in the dirt and believe that taking your own path is not just possible, but necessary!


After a stellar debut novel the author doesn’t disappoint with the sequel. The Girl in the Peach Tree was a rousing roller coaster ride of emotion and adventure, the continuation of Maya Wells story is nothing short of wonderful. A romantic adventure that grabs hold of your imagination and leads you eagerly across half the world on a journey of discovery.
~ S. Murphy

What a joy catching up with Maya and following her on her adventures. All the twists and turns and surprises made it hard to put the book down!
~Dianne Q., Retired Administrator

I was eager to read Barefoot in the Dirt after finishing the first novel in The Vinho Verde series, The Girl in the Peach Tree. I wanted to know what would happen next with the main characters. The second novel moves at a fast pace. I found myself caring not just for Maya and Cristiano, but also for the other characters as their stories progressed. This author creates a mood with the setting, writes in a manner that I could feel and taste what was happening, and offers plot twists that got my heart pumping. I can’t wait for the final book in the series.
~ Stephen, University Professor

Michelle Oucharek-Deo

Michelle Oucharek-Deo was born in British Columbia, Canada and continues to reside in BC with her family. In addition to being an author Michelle is a Registered Art Therapist and has been practising in the field of counselling for over two decades. She is a dedicated gardener and is always looking for ways to add a little color into her life and her writing.